Monday, 15 October 2012

Open day at University of Hertfordshire

I attended an open day at the university of Hertfordshire on Saturday the 13th of October. It was an early start I woke up at 4:30 am due to worrying that I'd miss both of my alarms I had set for the day. I got up at 5:20 am and my mum had decided to wake up too which was really nice of her. I left my house at 7:20 am and walked to the town to get the bus at 7:50. I bumped into my sister Kathryn who came along with me. The bus was 10 minutes late, the hour journey went so quickly and before we knew it, we was at the Galleria. I was really worried about finding the university as I have not been there before, but luckily I have google maps on my phone and the university was really easy to find.

The day began with me registering and we went into another room with different stands, where we got a bag with some information about the courses etc. As we got to the university early, we went to the forum. I had heard a lot about the forum as I know many people who go to the university of Hertfordshire. The forum cost approximately £38 million but I can definitely say it is money well spent, the cafe was packed and I was presently surprised at how much there was inside the forum including a shop! At 10:40 we went to a general speech about all the different courses within creative arts.

We later had a talk for out specific subjects, mine being photography. As well as a lecturer, there was also 2 students, 1 from the second year and 1 from the third year.  The talk was very interesting, there was a slideshow about how the course is broken up over the 3 years as well as pictures that students had taken.  There was also books of the students' work.  It is very daunting knowing how many students apply for the course and how few get accepted due to small class numbers. After this our day was over and we headed to the Galleria to grab lunch and have a look round some shops before heading home.

Overall it was a fantastic day, I had nothing to worry about (as usual). Everyone was extremely helpful and polite. I thank the University, staff and students for making the day a success!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

St. Andrews Community Learning Centre

Here are some more pictures I have taken recently. These are taken outside St. Andrews Community Learning Centre, 1 minute away from Netteswell Pond, Harlow. The photos make a nice change from photos of landscape and animals which is what I mainly like to take pictures of. Hopefully in time these genre of photos will improve.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Netteswell pond with my new camera

To those who know me or have read my blogs on here, you'll know that I like going to Netteswell  pond, situated 5-10 minutes from where I live in Harlow. This was the first place that came into mind when trying out my new camera.  My sister Kathryn came along, to feed the ducks as well as keep me company.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was out with some clouds in the sky, warm, but not overly hot. Netteswell pond was very busy, the most busy I have seen it in sometime, there were families feeding the ducks as well as many people fishing. To view the pictures on here larger, just click on the pictures. I am happy with the photos I took on the day, I found I had to take less pictures which meant less to go through and less to edit! I will be doing my best to take more pictures so I have more to blog about, I have a general blog which is more to do with my life including my weight loss and applying to university!! 

Friday, 28 September 2012

New camera :)

Apologise for the poor quality picture,
this was taken on my mobile
As some of you may, or may not know, I have decided to apply for university and hopefully (if I get in) I will be studying photography. It has been an interest and hobby of mine for over 2 years now and in my opinion, I have improved considerably. Some of the pictures I took with my digital camera 2-3 years ago were not that bad, getting an upgrade to my last camera (Fujifilm S2500HD) did really help and allowed me to improve and change various settings on the camera. Since I am hopefully going to uni next year, I decided I needed a better camera, so I got myself a Nikon D5100. I did a lot of research, looking at different websites and reviews to help me decide what camera I could get within a budget. I also looked to see what students who also study photography bought camera wise and the D5100 had good reviews as well as other cameras.  I was very happy to get my camera, the only downside was paying extra for delivery by 13th September, got it on the 14th. The camera itself was much better then my high expectations. It is more difficult to use then my previous camera and instructions are on a CD (still not looked at yet) but in time I will get used to using the camera. I have taken a few pictures on my camera which I will write about soon, but I am not sure when I'm am able to take more pictures due to not wanting to go out in Harlow alone with a fairly expensive camera. It is a shame that I am unable to go out and take pictures and feel safe in my home town, but it is better to be safe then sorry.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Olympic torch comes to Harlow, Essex

It was an early start, the morning of the Olympic torch coming to Harlow, as Harlow was the starting location for the Olympic torch on day 50. Despite being 30 minutes early, there were crowds of people along the whole length of the journey around Harlow's town centre. We were lucky to avoid any rain, not that rain would have dampened the spirit of Harlow! There was a small delay in the torch arriving at Harlow. I stood near the start of the torch's journey through Harlow, this was strategic as I had enough time to get to the end of the torch's journey, so I could take more photos. Even though I was alone most of the day I enjoyed myself, there was music at the watergardens and in the Harvey Centre. Since the Olympics, I have noticed more people cycling around Harlow and an increase of promotion of cycle tracks, which I hope will last for years to come.

Some more of my pictures are also on the ITV Anglia website under the heading ''Day 50 - Olympic torch relay''

Jazz Blaack

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Trip to London

I went to London after my birthday, mainly to see the sights of London. Despite it's bad reputation at times, I really like London, there is a lot you can do for free such as visit museums and visit various gardens. I visited the Palace of Westminster and the London eye (didn't go on it, scared of heights) which I have seen several times. I also went to London Aquarium, I went there 5 or 6 years ago, a lot has changed, my favourite part was seeing the penguins. A new experience for me was visiting Kensington Gardens, it is a beautiful area where you can relax away from the rush of the London Underground. I really enjoyed myself, it was a dry, sometimes cloudy day, I was thankful it didn't rain. I took a lot of photos on that day (over 200). I have put a few on here, if you have added me on facebook, you are likely to have seen them already as some of them are on there.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Making something from nothing

As I don't feel comfortable going out with my camera alone, I'm taking pictures in doors. I have looked at items in my house in the past and think, in the right angle and with the right settings and editing, it would make an interesting picture. I have many pictures but will post them a couple at a time because blogger doesn't like it when I post 4-6 pictures like I normally do. I will try and keep my promise of blogging on here more often but I also have another blog, a more generic one about me, but will mainly be about music and games I like.

For both of these pictures, I have slowed down the shutter speed. For the lighter picture, I changed the colour to black and white on the camera, I edited both pictures with Picasa 3 as I don't have photoshop.