Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hatfield forest

The guy who helped me discover I had a passion for photography was kind enough to drive me to Hatfield forest.  It was a fantastic day, as we were taking pictures of butterflies, 2 deer were chasing each other right near us.  After they noticed us, unfortunately they ran away.  After that, without hesitation we both decided to try and find the deer and take photos of them.  Regrettably we had little success, the only picture I had managed to take was this one, shown left.  A very poor picture by any means, I will not hide behind that fact, but from a sentimental point of view, I quite like the picture, as it reminds me of how we got so close to the deer when they were unaware of our presence.

The day was sunny and warm, perfect for seeing many butterflies among other insects.  I was complimented on my ability to spot butterflies, as well as the deer hiding in the forest.  Below are some of my butterfly pictures, I hope you like them.  My sister loves butterflies and likes my pictures so much, she had them printed off and they are on her wall along with other butterfly pictures.  These pictures will be added to my Photobucket soon along with other pictures.

 I would like to visit Hatfield forest again, maybe next spring.  I would recommend to anyone who likes the outdoors or photography to visit there, and invite me along!

Find the grasshopper!

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