Saturday, 27 August 2011

Kew Gardens

View of Kew Gardens,
View of Kew Gardens, with the
Pagoda in the middle. 
I will apologise in advance for a lack of writing.  I had spent the best part of 2 evenings writing a long blog with many pictures.  Unfortunately goodly chrome decided to crash, when I refreshed the page, everything had gone, and then it saved, as it does automatically.  I don't want to spend another few hours writing and re arranging everything.  I have decided to load everything on to Photobucket and give a more brief account of the day. Click to enlarge any pictures.

The Temperate House
The 18 metre high treetop climb
Kew Gardens is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.  I spent most of the day there and looked around just over half of the attractions.  The one attraction I wanted to visit the most was the temperate house, shown right, unfortunately it was closed that day.  However, Palm house was open. It was very damp and humid in there, but the variety of different species of plants and the colours of them were spectacular.

The Palm house was one of the highlights of the day, it even had a balcony along the perimeter of the building, so you could look at the plants at a different angle.  Beneath the Palm House was another room which contained fish.  I had no idea that there were fish at Kew gardens, the room was refreshing after the humidity of the Palm house.  There were several fish tanks containing fish, which are shown on the link at the end of the page.

Another highlight of the day was the 18 metre high treetop climb.  As someone who is petrified of heights, it was terrifying, but it was something I wanted to do, to help with my fears.  When I dared to look over the edge the views were fantastic.  There was a total of 118 steps to climb and it was 200 metres in length.

To see some of my pictures from Kew gardens, then click here.
Please look through the pictures, I took over 450 in total, there are only 32 pictures on the link and share, I would be so grateful!

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