Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Netteswell Pond, Harlow and an insight to my photography

Blackberries, Netteswell pond
Netteswell Pond
As a person who likes to draw, and enjoys being outdoors, photography is a great way of  combining my creativity with the outdoors.  The best things about taking photos at Netteswell pond, are that it is only 5-10 minutes away from where I live and it is usually quiet.  The day had begun overcast with showers, but the sun came out in the later afternoon, and thus being able to seize the opportunity to take some pictures.  I had taken pictures once before at Netteswell pond during the spring of this year with great success, gaining pictures of dragonflies as well as ducks.

As this time I visited Netteswell pond during the Summer (feeling rather more like Autumn), there were less species of ducks and plants to take pictures of.  However, due to the afternoon being sunny, it was a perfect day to take pictures of scenery, as shown right.  Also blackberries have just come into season (July - November) and I was able to get a good picture of some, as shown above (unedited).   

Flowers, Netteswell pond

Having never studied photography at college, nor having a good camera and a lack of Photoshop, it is difficult to take good pictures that compare to those who have the knowledge on how to take a superb picture, using better equipment and being able to edit using, arguably, the best photo editing software there is on the market.  I am very passionate about my photography, as I am with my drawing. Both my drawing and photography are inferior compared to many people's work, but I think the main thing from a hobby is enjoyment.  I hope in years to come, I will travel to more of the United Kingdom and take many more pictures, hopefully with a better camera too!

Water droplets from the earlier rain, Netteswell pond

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