Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Making something from nothing

As I don't feel comfortable going out with my camera alone, I'm taking pictures in doors. I have looked at items in my house in the past and think, in the right angle and with the right settings and editing, it would make an interesting picture. I have many pictures but will post them a couple at a time because blogger doesn't like it when I post 4-6 pictures like I normally do. I will try and keep my promise of blogging on here more often but I also have another blog, a more generic one about me, but will mainly be about music and games I like.

For both of these pictures, I have slowed down the shutter speed. For the lighter picture, I changed the colour to black and white on the camera, I edited both pictures with Picasa 3 as I don't have photoshop.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

SNOW!! :)

Apologies for not blogging very regularly, I will try and make more of an effort to post on here, haven't had any more pictures to put up until now.

Snow divides the nation, some people love the snow and want to go out in it straight away, others hate it and try not to leave their home if possible. I am one the people who loves the snow. It brings out my childish side of me, if I see some snow that hasn't been disturbed, I have to jump in it. I love the feel of snow which sounds strange in itself, I'm not one to really build a snowman, mainly because it's more a pair/group job, not really fun to build alone. But I love walking in snow and how everywhere looks brighter.

The snow fell Saturday night (4th February 2012). In hindsight it was a terrible time to go spoons and clubbing. By the time we walked from spoons to the club a considerable amount had fallen, a good 2 inches or so, more then enough for my feet to sink to and fall over!! But it was my friend Laura's birthday so a good amount of snow was not going to spoil partying! Got a lift from my friend Adam's twin (which I didn't know existed!!) the roads were barely drivable, first time I realised how dangerous driving in the snow was.

Back to the photography, Sunday afternoon (when I 
finally woke up!) I decided to go out with my camera. Never taken pictures in the snow before, and I wasn't sure how my so-so camera would fair, nor myself for that matter! After a face book plea, managed to find someone to go out with, Newt, who was bored and wanted something to do. We went to Netteswell Pond first, one of my favourite places to take pictures in Harlow. We even found a snowman doing a spot of fishing, managed to take a picture of it before some teenagers decided to destroy it. Near to Netteswell Pond is St. Andrew's church, which is now used as a learning centre, which I also took pictures of. Lastly, we walked to the horses field which is near the town centre. Even as I speak, it is snowing now! So there may be more pictures on the way!