Sunday, 9 September 2012

Olympic torch comes to Harlow, Essex

It was an early start, the morning of the Olympic torch coming to Harlow, as Harlow was the starting location for the Olympic torch on day 50. Despite being 30 minutes early, there were crowds of people along the whole length of the journey around Harlow's town centre. We were lucky to avoid any rain, not that rain would have dampened the spirit of Harlow! There was a small delay in the torch arriving at Harlow. I stood near the start of the torch's journey through Harlow, this was strategic as I had enough time to get to the end of the torch's journey, so I could take more photos. Even though I was alone most of the day I enjoyed myself, there was music at the watergardens and in the Harvey Centre. Since the Olympics, I have noticed more people cycling around Harlow and an increase of promotion of cycle tracks, which I hope will last for years to come.

Some more of my pictures are also on the ITV Anglia website under the heading ''Day 50 - Olympic torch relay''

Jazz Blaack

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