Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Netteswell pond with my new camera

To those who know me or have read my blogs on here, you'll know that I like going to Netteswell  pond, situated 5-10 minutes from where I live in Harlow. This was the first place that came into mind when trying out my new camera.  My sister Kathryn came along, to feed the ducks as well as keep me company.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was out with some clouds in the sky, warm, but not overly hot. Netteswell pond was very busy, the most busy I have seen it in sometime, there were families feeding the ducks as well as many people fishing. To view the pictures on here larger, just click on the pictures. I am happy with the photos I took on the day, I found I had to take less pictures which meant less to go through and less to edit! I will be doing my best to take more pictures so I have more to blog about, I have a general blog which is more to do with my life including my weight loss and applying to university!! 

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