Monday, 15 October 2012

Open day at University of Hertfordshire

I attended an open day at the university of Hertfordshire on Saturday the 13th of October. It was an early start I woke up at 4:30 am due to worrying that I'd miss both of my alarms I had set for the day. I got up at 5:20 am and my mum had decided to wake up too which was really nice of her. I left my house at 7:20 am and walked to the town to get the bus at 7:50. I bumped into my sister Kathryn who came along with me. The bus was 10 minutes late, the hour journey went so quickly and before we knew it, we was at the Galleria. I was really worried about finding the university as I have not been there before, but luckily I have google maps on my phone and the university was really easy to find.

The day began with me registering and we went into another room with different stands, where we got a bag with some information about the courses etc. As we got to the university early, we went to the forum. I had heard a lot about the forum as I know many people who go to the university of Hertfordshire. The forum cost approximately £38 million but I can definitely say it is money well spent, the cafe was packed and I was presently surprised at how much there was inside the forum including a shop! At 10:40 we went to a general speech about all the different courses within creative arts.

We later had a talk for out specific subjects, mine being photography. As well as a lecturer, there was also 2 students, 1 from the second year and 1 from the third year.  The talk was very interesting, there was a slideshow about how the course is broken up over the 3 years as well as pictures that students had taken.  There was also books of the students' work.  It is very daunting knowing how many students apply for the course and how few get accepted due to small class numbers. After this our day was over and we headed to the Galleria to grab lunch and have a look round some shops before heading home.

Overall it was a fantastic day, I had nothing to worry about (as usual). Everyone was extremely helpful and polite. I thank the University, staff and students for making the day a success!

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